Retort Pouch Bag (Plain or Printed)

Services : OEM based on your requirement packaging composition and size or you may buy our existing bag size and composition.. 

We also got some ready stock and please call us at +6014-7586684.

  Composition : We do not sell raw material film.

Our bag laminated with more than 2 layers films.

Example : Polyester/Nylon Retort /CPP retort or Polyester/Aluminium Foil/Nylon Retort/CPP retort etc

Content application : Foods

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Example packaging content to put frozen foods or coffee or condom wrapper or seasoning powder
Example : product inside plastic packaging required to be frozen or steaming or retort or etc
Plastic packaging required fill up example : 500g or 500ml
Example Bag size 200mm (length) x 160mm (width)
Example Bag type : 2side seal or 3 side seal or 4 side seal or Centre Seal or Gusset Pouch or Doypak or etc
Example : Polyester 12um / Aluminum Foil 7um / LLDPE 50um
Human or food image usually required 4colours (CYMK) and printing required cylinder charged
Normally new job may takes 6weeks or more to process. Unless we got existing plain bag which can supply immediately to you.